Facebook News Feed Changes & What They Mean for Businesses


Facebook has recently updated its News Feed ranking algorithm with the goal of showing users more relevant content in their News Feeds.  According to Facebook’s newsroom post, this change will mean you will see more content in your News Feed that others have read, liked, and commented on as well as “high quality” content published by authoritative websites. So, what are the specifics of all these changes, and what do they mean for your business?

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The Digital Age

While recently watching a YouTube Video from Eric Qualman, he clearly states “KINDERGARTNERS ARE LEARNING IPADS, NOT CHALKBOARDS”


This might sound ridiculous but it’s true.  The Digital Age is here.  If your business isn’t engaging, your business will not exist in 5 years.

I recently took this picture while dining at a restaurant the other day…



It’s true.  Over half the world’s population is under 30.  What does that mean for your business in the next few years?  This generation is different, they are tech savvy, they want to do business on their terms.  So the cold calling days are over.  It’s time for your business to be reborn.

Everyone says their best source of business is word of mouth.  Social Media is word of mouth ON STEROIDS!!

Let’s face it, nobody does business without

A.  Going to Google

B.  Asking for referrals

Social Media allows you to connect, digitally to people you know, whether or not they are currently in your life, they are still present in the business world.  So connect with people, because as a salesperson or a business owner, by not connecting, your referrals won’t find you.  Overall, you LOSE.