Every social media platform serves a certain purpose – never limit yourself to just one


It’s very simple.  Every single social media platform serves it’s own purpose.  You cannot be successful dabblling on Facebook.  You will not be successful if you do not use Linked in.  For local Businesses, Foursquare is a gold mine “free coupon-ing” that nobody uses because they do not know it exists.  They miss out on people like me, who live and die for Being the mayor and receiving badges, and specials for checking in.

Another important point STOP ADVERTISING on Facebook posts and thinking this is going to drive people into your store with the ad.  It’s not gonna happen.  Enough Said.

Google +, on the other hand, has given us some great advantages to increase our online searchability in “real time”

Wondering why should you use GooglePlus in your marketing mix? Just one solid reason, “if you ignore Google+, Google search will ignore you“, says Larry Page co-founder of Google.*

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It does not matter what industry you are in.. Social Media is not going away… Time to Evolve

 You may not completely be able to measure your social ROI.. but think of this…  Today’s Customer does Business on their terms, and their terms only.  If we don’t adapt to every new channel of communication, we are merely missing out on opportunities.

social media manager

Social media is now part of how organizations, companies and society operate. Organizations big and small, urban and rural, tech savvy and tech adverse, can no longer ignore or avoid the importance and impact of social media. As I continue to explore what technology can mean for business development, the role of social media is quickly becoming a central part of that exploration. As a result, I am increasingly immersed in social media, expanding beyond the longtime facebook presence and establishing more comprehensive profiles and a more active presence in the other main networks including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and most recently Pinterest.

People are always looking for examples of how social networks such as Linkedin or Facebook actually brought them business.  Well I can tell you one thing, over the past two years I have been managing social for numerous businesses and I can’t tell you how often someone asks a question randomly on a social site.  If I was not monitoring these sites, those questions would go unanswered, and wow… loss of business!  I know it works.  I see it everyday.

I wanted to share with you an email I just received from a client.  Please READ IT AND WEEP all of you anti-socialites…


On Jan 16, 2014, At 5:54 PM, POTENTIAL CLIENT > Wrote:

Hi Todd! My Name Is Jerry And I Have Very Bad Credit, I Made Some Mistakes In My Life & I’m Finding It Very Hard To Get A Car Or Even An Apt. How Can I Get In Touch With You? Thanks

Sent From My Iphone

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:09 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

What Is Your Phone Number And I Will Call You Friday

Todd Stern

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:43 PM, NAME OF POTENTIAL CLIENT <420@Yahoo.Com> Wrote:


On Jan 16, 2014, At 8:02 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

How Did You Find Out About Our Company

Todd Stern

Sent From My Iphone

Date: January 16, 2014 At 8:20:08 PM CST
To: Todd Stern <L Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com>
Subject: Re: Help!!

I Liked The Page On Facebook, So I Would Get Updates And Things Like That. I Would Read What It Was Saying, So I Decided To See If This Is Something For Me.

Sent From My Iphone

So there you have it.. Social Media brings us business, maybe in not so obvious ways, but it’s crucial to your survival in the world of business today and moving forward.  So get with the program.


J.. Block


Managing your Business’ online Reputation is Really NOT THAT HARD…


With all the commotion about Reputation Management, why is it so difficult to get reviews – positive ones from yelp and google?

Reason:  You are not taking the time to manage and control this.  This is allowing others to do it for you.

We have developed a one of a kind system for collision centers and car dealerships that involves their sales and service customers, the happy ones, and rewards them for writing a review.

Nobody in the store has time to do it?  We do it all for you.

For more info about how our program works, please fill out the information below:



ICC Collision Centers

Facebook News Feed Changes & What They Mean for Businesses


Facebook has recently updated its News Feed ranking algorithm with the goal of showing users more relevant content in their News Feeds.  According to Facebook’s newsroom post, this change will mean you will see more content in your News Feed that others have read, liked, and commented on as well as “high quality” content published by authoritative websites. So, what are the specifics of all these changes, and what do they mean for your business?

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Don’t Let Your Auto Dealer Marketing Strategy Get Stuck in the Snow


Posted by Rebecca Kon on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 04:01 PM

In case you haven’t heard, it’s already snowing in Colorado. Boots and scarves are starting to be worn nearly everywhere in North America. You may have even noticed an increase in your use of socks. What does this mean? It means it’s time for your Fixed Ops departments to get their marketing plans in gear for the winter months!

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Bad Management – It’s Also Just Plain Bad For Business



Bad management runs rampant in organizations. For my discussion I will focus on Automotive Sales and Finance Management. I say this because this is epidemic in many Industries and I don’t want to appear to be singling out Automotive Dealerships.

All emotions stem from insecurity and must be controlled because it has no place in a work Setting. It is a disease that will eat away at and hold back any organization.

A bad manager will not hold on to good people and staff does not want to go to upper management for fear of retribution. This has devastating effects on performance of the department. Always be suspect when a manager says “What goes on here stays here” or “It’s my way or the highway”.


7 health myths you learn when you are a kid

In today’s health-obsessed society, everyone seems to be sprouting aphorisms relating to health. We go through 7 of the most common health “facts” and why they’re actually myths:


1. Sugar makes you hyper

The majority of studies done show sugar and hyperactivity have no connection. Double-blind studies have shown that children with different amounts of sugar in their diet do not behave differently. Even children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder remain unaffected.

Interestingly, parents who were falsely told their children had ingested sugar believed the children to be more hyperactive. It would appear that this perception is from the parents’ mind.

2. Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis

Knuckles cracking is the sound of bones moving apart, forming a gas bubble that is burst.Studies found no increase in hand arthritis for people who cracked their knuckles regularly. Arthritis is not caused by gas bubbles in joints, but many other causes–e.g. age, genetics, trauma.

That’s not to say cracking your knuckles is good for you–knuckle cracking is related to lower grip strength, tissue injuries and hand swelling.

3. You need 8 glasses of water a day

The origins of this myth is from a government study done in the 1940s, although it was misquoted. The study says that a human being needs 8 glasses of fluids from all sources–that is, including all the water in the foods we consume. Despite this, many organizations today still promote this mistaken medical myth.

Studies show that drinking increased amounts of water does not have any substantial health benefits–too much water can actually have unintended negative consequences!

4. Gum takes 7 years to be digested

This was the reason parents told children not to swallow their gum. Gum takes seven years to be digested, so if you swallow too much gum, it’ll stop your digestive systems. While it is true that gum cannot be digested by humans, it does not remain in our bodies. Gum does not stick to any of the digestive organs; it is simply passed through the human body.

5. Most body heat escapes from your head

This myth started from a military study done on heat loss. The study showed that when soldiers were standing in cold environments, the majority of heat escaped from their head. While their findings were true, the study neglected to mention that the soldiers were clothed everywhere except their heads. It is thus natural that the heat would be escaping from the one area not covered.

In reality, when you’re naked, you only lose about 10% of your body heat from your head. That is, after all, about approximately proportionate to your body size.

6. Teething causes a fever

Studies done have shown no correlation between teething and fever in babies. Teething does actually cause a slight elevation in body temperature, but not nearly at a fever level.

The origins of this myth may lie in the fact that infants are most susceptible to infections (such as the herpes virus) during their teething stage, which causes fevers.

7. Turkey makes you sleepy

The myth is that turkey contains tryptophan, which makes human beings sleepy. While turkey does contain that chemical, so do chickens and beef, in identical quantities.

A possible explanation for why turkey makes you sleepy is that turkey is most often consumed during a large Thanksgiving meal. Larger meals slows blood flow, which causes drowsiness.