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Managing your Business’ online Reputation is Really NOT THAT HARD…


With all the commotion about Reputation Management, why is it so difficult to get reviews – positive ones from yelp and google?

Reason:  You are not taking the time to manage and control this.  This is allowing others to do it for you.

We have developed a one of a kind system for collision centers and car dealerships that involves their sales and service customers, the happy ones, and rewards them for writing a review.

Nobody in the store has time to do it?  We do it all for you.

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Don’t Let Your Auto Dealer Marketing Strategy Get Stuck in the Snow


Posted by Rebecca Kon on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 04:01 PM

In case you haven’t heard, it’s already snowing in Colorado. Boots and scarves are starting to be worn nearly everywhere in North America. You may have even noticed an increase in your use of socks. What does this mean? It means it’s time for your Fixed Ops departments to get their marketing plans in gear for the winter months!

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Social Media is More Akin to Television than Search or Other Internet Marketing Forms

Posted by J.D. Rucker on November 23, 2012 at 1:30pm – Automotive Digital Marketing Professionals

Just as dealers have learned that television advertising works even if you can’t demonstrate a clear ROI, they’re learning that social media marketing and advertising work as well.  

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Also watch this video:

Facebook for Dealers – A G plus for sure.

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Why Going Social Can Make or Break your Dealership’s chance for Survival

The cream of the crop at both the dealer level and the manufacturer level will have 4 major components to their social media strategy that will make or break them in 2012.

  • Blog or Social Network such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter : As consumers, we want to be able to communicate about dealers and manufacturers in a public forum. A blog or personalized social network is the easiest way to make this happen. Without one, the other, or both, consumers will turn to sites such as,,, etc… to make their statement to the public.

  • Social Network Engagement: Having a Facebook page and Twitter account are not enough. Both dealers and manufacturers must engage with consumers, offering news and feedback as well as entering into public conversations surrounding their brand. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to engage in ways that have nothing to do with the industry. A Dallas car dealer should express how they feel about the Cowboys winning their division. Honda should (and have recently) let people know about charities they support. In social networking, being human is more important than being corporate.

  • Videos: More time was spent watching videos in 2009 than reading emails. This is something that people want, and it’s not all about the advertising. Offering helpful videos for people to reference can help dealers and manufacturers “give back” to their customers. For example, many people have a hard time syncing their mobile devices to their mobile-ready new vehicles. Having an instructional video on the website that can be found on the search engines will help with branding as well as reputation.

  • Search for Customers on Social Media:We’re here. We’re tweeting out when we’re sick of our 1993 Corolla breaking down. We’re updating our Facebook page announcing that we’re going car-shopping this weekend. Yet, nobody seems to be listening other than our friends and family. Once dealers and manufacturers figure that out, they’ll find a gold mine ready to be tapped.

Many Will Not Get It…and so many still DO NOT GET IT!!

Just as there are dealers and brands shutting their doors today, so too will there be more in 2012 and beyond. It isn’t just the market – things are actually getting better and will continue to thrive. In the end, those who embrace social media properly will have the best chance of not only surviving but flourishing in 2012.  These dealerships realize that one social connection can leave them  with a viral activity that is unreachable by any other form of media…

IS your dealership using social yet?  Are they using it and measuring it?  Are they just using it infrequently and see no return on investment?

We can help…

SOCIALDEALER was founded in 2008 by a group of automotive industry professionals who, in a challenging economy, realized the need for a change from traditional to revolutionary auto dealer marketing in order to evolve profitably.

SOCIALDEALER launched our Automotive Social Media Management Platform® into the hands of Revolutionary Digital Dealers looking to expand their sales opportunities through social media.

In 2010, SOCIALDEALER began offering a social media management tool that gives dealers the ability to enter into the cluttered, fast-changing world of internet and relationship marketing through the use of social media to build their business, engage with customers, and drive dealership customer retention and loyalty.Our social media platform helps dealers communicate with their customers in real-time, directly target new in-market prospects, and deliver a consistent marketing message through their employees social media networks.

Every Social Media Site has some potential to reach a new consumer… or a billion….it all depends on if you know how to play the Game!

Car dealerships have yet to figure out exactly how to use foursquare as a marketing tool.  On the other hand, it’s the consumers and the distinct group of people that do use foursquare that can and will drive people to any business.  Again, it’s all about relationships and referrals.

Here’s a personal example of how I gave a car dealership a lead just from checking into their dealership on foursquare…

Jaime Block Checked in at Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Via Foursquare

So here is how it all went down right after that first check IN.

Cannot disclose NAME 5 days ago
I want a Ram Bighorn. Hook me up.

Jaime B. 5 days ago
Yep i want a charger or challenger.. Bad

Cannot disclose 5 days ago
Those are pretty sexy cars, but I need something I can take to the

Jaime B. 4 days ago
So are you really in the market for a new car or just kidding. bc i will
hook you up.

Cannot Disclose NAme 3 hours ago
Wow, thank you. I owe about 8000 on my car now. I’ve had it 2 years.
It would have to be an out of this world deal for it to work. My
grandma is actively looking! She needs a small economical car.

Jaime B. just now
whats your phone number?

Cannot disclose
xxx-xxx-xxxx (he sent me the #)

I immediately sent this lead to the Internet Director at Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Then I told the person on the other end of foursquare that he would be calling him to set up an appt.  He trusts me, so

of course he’s going to accept the cold call…

Advertising for Car Dealerships : The old Way vs. the new Way

So Im driving on Bell rd the other day and there it was  A HUGE BALLOON GUY.  .. in front of a car dealership.  When I looked up to see what they were doing for social media, well, they didn’t exist.









Im still wondering what the ROI on this gigantic blow up man possibly is?

How your car dealership can make money using social media – SIMPLIFIED

Everytime I present social media to a car dealer (well most of the time), I am asked..”how will this make me money?”  Now, I understand that a car salesperson is good at selling cars.  It’s not their job to understand marketing.  It’s been a struggle just trying to help them understand just how social media can turn into profit.  So here it is…spelled pictures.  Im always asked for a diagram.  So here’s my crazy diagram.

Hope it helps.


Car dealers turn toward social media

By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

TORRANCE, Calif. —Just a few years ago, John Pohlig might have hung up balloons and perhaps an inflatable gorilla outside this Honda dealership here to attract shoppers.

Instead he’s posting notes on Facebook and other social media sites. The effort is aimed at getting people to comment on what kind of car they’re likely to drive on a vacation — and includes dangling the chance to win a free iPad in return for a “like” endorsement on Facebook.