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Add Some Flair to your Video SEO…

Every Business Has a Unique Attribute to it, right?  Instead of making generic videos or spending tons of money on Videos for SEO that are HMM HMM BORRRRRING!!  Here is something NEW, FUN, ENGAGING, AND ALL ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.

What do you offer that is unique?

Show People what YOUR BUSINESS is all about…

Here are some examples:

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Every social media platform serves a certain purpose – never limit yourself to just one


It’s very simple.  Every single social media platform serves it’s own purpose.  You cannot be successful dabblling on Facebook.  You will not be successful if you do not use Linked in.  For local Businesses, Foursquare is a gold mine “free coupon-ing” that nobody uses because they do not know it exists.  They miss out on people like me, who live and die for Being the mayor and receiving badges, and specials for checking in.

Another important point STOP ADVERTISING on Facebook posts and thinking this is going to drive people into your store with the ad.  It’s not gonna happen.  Enough Said.

Google +, on the other hand, has given us some great advantages to increase our online searchability in “real time”

Wondering why should you use GooglePlus in your marketing mix? Just one solid reason, “if you ignore Google+, Google search will ignore you“, says Larry Page co-founder of Google.*

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It does not matter what industry you are in.. Social Media is not going away… Time to Evolve

 You may not completely be able to measure your social ROI.. but think of this…  Today’s Customer does Business on their terms, and their terms only.  If we don’t adapt to every new channel of communication, we are merely missing out on opportunities.

social media manager

Social media is now part of how organizations, companies and society operate. Organizations big and small, urban and rural, tech savvy and tech adverse, can no longer ignore or avoid the importance and impact of social media. As I continue to explore what technology can mean for business development, the role of social media is quickly becoming a central part of that exploration. As a result, I am increasingly immersed in social media, expanding beyond the longtime facebook presence and establishing more comprehensive profiles and a more active presence in the other main networks including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and most recently Pinterest.

People are always looking for examples of how social networks such as Linkedin or Facebook actually brought them business.  Well I can tell you one thing, over the past two years I have been managing social for numerous businesses and I can’t tell you how often someone asks a question randomly on a social site.  If I was not monitoring these sites, those questions would go unanswered, and wow… loss of business!  I know it works.  I see it everyday.

I wanted to share with you an email I just received from a client.  Please READ IT AND WEEP all of you anti-socialites…


On Jan 16, 2014, At 5:54 PM, POTENTIAL CLIENT > Wrote:

Hi Todd! My Name Is Jerry And I Have Very Bad Credit, I Made Some Mistakes In My Life & I’m Finding It Very Hard To Get A Car Or Even An Apt. How Can I Get In Touch With You? Thanks

Sent From My Iphone

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:09 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

What Is Your Phone Number And I Will Call You Friday

Todd Stern

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:43 PM, NAME OF POTENTIAL CLIENT <420@Yahoo.Com> Wrote:


On Jan 16, 2014, At 8:02 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

How Did You Find Out About Our Company

Todd Stern

Sent From My Iphone

Date: January 16, 2014 At 8:20:08 PM CST
To: Todd Stern <L Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com>
Subject: Re: Help!!

I Liked The Page On Facebook, So I Would Get Updates And Things Like That. I Would Read What It Was Saying, So I Decided To See If This Is Something For Me.

Sent From My Iphone

So there you have it.. Social Media brings us business, maybe in not so obvious ways, but it’s crucial to your survival in the world of business today and moving forward.  So get with the program.


J.. Block


Managing your Business’ online Reputation is Really NOT THAT HARD…


With all the commotion about Reputation Management, why is it so difficult to get reviews – positive ones from yelp and google?

Reason:  You are not taking the time to manage and control this.  This is allowing others to do it for you.

We have developed a one of a kind system for collision centers and car dealerships that involves their sales and service customers, the happy ones, and rewards them for writing a review.

Nobody in the store has time to do it?  We do it all for you.

For more info about how our program works, please fill out the information below:



ICC Collision Centers

Facebook News Feed Changes & What They Mean for Businesses


Facebook has recently updated its News Feed ranking algorithm with the goal of showing users more relevant content in their News Feeds.  According to Facebook’s newsroom post, this change will mean you will see more content in your News Feed that others have read, liked, and commented on as well as “high quality” content published by authoritative websites. So, what are the specifics of all these changes, and what do they mean for your business?

Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm.. READ MORE

“People buy from those they know, like and trust” = SOCIAL MEDIA

Social Media was born out our need to establish trusting relationships.  We’ve all felt the pinch of an economy struggling to recover.  Through this difficult time, we’ve realized how important it is to grow and nurture our network.  We want to know our contacts better, we want to know more about the products and services we buy.  Social Media is our tool for building trust.  For dealerships, it’s the GOLD TICKET.

Let’s face it, on the pain scale, consumers rate the car buying experience somewhere between chronic diarrhea and a root canal.  Social Media provides dealers the chance to take the pain out of that equation and provide a safe, comfortable place to do business.

There is a common thread of fear that runs through car shoppers  due to the Trust Gap, the Reputation that dealerships have had in the past, as well as the lack of the car business/industry as a whole being not a service industry, but rather more focused on the sale.  The game however, with consumers has changed, and dealerships must adapt or they will be kicked to the curb by their competitor

Think about why you buy the things you do.  When you’re thinking of purchasing a big-ticket item (or even something not-so-big-ticket), do you ask advice from your friends and family?  The stats say 84% of us do.  You most likely take a look at your contact list to see who can help you with your decision.  This advice carries weight with you because you trust who you’re getting it from.  

The same goes for your customer: The higher the trust, the more likely they are to do business with you.  When a potential customer is looking for their next car, they’re asking their Social network for feedback.  They search online and your ratings come up on page one.  Social Media lets you do all you can to be there when they start asking those questions and researching your online ratings.  Have you taken the time to build your Facebook community so your current customers can help recruit for you?  Just as in real life, when you engage and support your community, they’ll become your brand advocates.

The other point I must make here is that I see so many dealerships posting to facebook just because its the thing to do.  When it’s not done properly, it’s almost an online embarassment to your dealership’s online presence.  If you think about how searchable a social site can be, there is a likelyhood that your FB, Twitter, or Youtube channel could come up in a search result prior to your actual website.  If a potential buyer happens to come across this, and even one of your social networks is not uniform, or not properly managed, you are risking losing that customer…bottom line.

For help in creating a more strategic Social Strategy for your Dealership, Request a free online demo of


SOCIALDEALER is a social media management company that helps AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS AND DEALER GROUPS  create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation, content, and engage with consumers through one centralized web platform. The number of channels in social media is large and complex, and requires a single platform to efficiently manage all aspects of social media. SOCIALDEALER provides a suite of tools that allows dealers to effectively manage their social media strategy. SOCIALDEALER increases your Social Reach by increasing the number of prospects that interact with your inventory, services, and promotions. SOCIALDEALER helps you engage with your community online.