Every social media platform serves a certain purpose – never limit yourself to just one


It’s very simple.  Every single social media platform serves it’s own purpose.  You cannot be successful dabblling on Facebook.  You will not be successful if you do not use Linked in.  For local Businesses, Foursquare is a gold mine “free coupon-ing” that nobody uses because they do not know it exists.  They miss out on people like me, who live and die for Being the mayor and receiving badges, and specials for checking in.

Another important point STOP ADVERTISING on Facebook posts and thinking this is going to drive people into your store with the ad.  It’s not gonna happen.  Enough Said.

Google +, on the other hand, has given us some great advantages to increase our online searchability in “real time”

Wondering why should you use GooglePlus in your marketing mix? Just one solid reason, “if you ignore Google+, Google search will ignore you“, says Larry Page co-founder of Google.*

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Managing your Business’ online Reputation is Really NOT THAT HARD…


With all the commotion about Reputation Management, why is it so difficult to get reviews – positive ones from yelp and google?

Reason:  You are not taking the time to manage and control this.  This is allowing others to do it for you.

We have developed a one of a kind system for collision centers and car dealerships that involves their sales and service customers, the happy ones, and rewards them for writing a review.

Nobody in the store has time to do it?  We do it all for you.

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Bad Management – It’s Also Just Plain Bad For Business



Bad management runs rampant in organizations. For my discussion I will focus on Automotive Sales and Finance Management. I say this because this is epidemic in many Industries and I don’t want to appear to be singling out Automotive Dealerships.

All emotions stem from insecurity and must be controlled because it has no place in a work Setting. It is a disease that will eat away at and hold back any organization.

A bad manager will not hold on to good people and staff does not want to go to upper management for fear of retribution. This has devastating effects on performance of the department. Always be suspect when a manager says “What goes on here stays here” or “It’s my way or the highway”.


2013 is almost here… your dealership or local business still in social denial?


If you are, this is sad.  WAKE UP…

We all know that people don’t purchase anything anymore without a referral or a search engine.  Would you move to a new town and just make an appt with a doctor who was advertising in the newspaper?  Nope!!

Just because you haven’t been able to get Social Media to work for you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Giving up and sticking your head in the sand doesn’t serve you, your store, your employees and most of all, it doesn’t serve your customers. Denial is a powerful impediment to your sales growth.


1. You long for the good ‘ol days and silently tell yourself they’ll be back. I was part of a large dealer meeting where the keynote must have said 10 times, “Stop dwelling on the past, it’s never coming back.” Of course it feels better to tell yourself it will, but change is upon us, folks. The future belongs to those who adapt.

2. You express disdain for Social Media. Declaring you despise Social Media is like bragging that you can’t read. Business News Daily states that Social Media is radically different and that existing theories about communications can’t be applied the same way. With 60+ percent of people using it, isn’t that enough to make you at least consider Social Media might have a positive effect on your business?

3. You tell horror stories and believe urban myths about Facebook. I actually had a car dealer tell me he wasn’t going to market his store on Facebook because his friend’s wife met up with her high school boyfriend there. She ended up divorcing his friend. Is that a valid reason not to take advantage of the biggest marketplace on the planet? Facebook is simply a platform, a medium, to connect with your customer. If you don’t, your competitor will.

4. You believe Facebook’s stock price is proof that Social Media marketing is a fad. Even though the stock has made some gains lately, I hear many equate the value of Social Media with the debacle of Facebook’s IPO. Listen up – your customer uses Facebook to connect and converse with brands that interest them on a daily basis. It’s only going to get bigger and more diverse.

5. You refuse to spend even a dime promoting your store on Social Media. Most Social Media platforms are free to join. That’s because the user is the commodity. Advertisers and marketers need to spend money on these platforms to get their content liked, commented on and shared. Get yourself a qualified Social Media manager. Leaving your store’s marketing up to a someone who has no marketing training and no budget will ensure your failure.

Social Media denial is an ineffective coping mechanism that stunts your ability to sell. Don’t be part of that 72 percent that have no clear set of goals or defined strategy on Social Media. Acknowledge that denial is blocking your ability to move forward. The best way to unlearn this behavior is to admit you’re using it and to seek out help. There are people like me who can guide you in navigating Social Media and designing a plan that’s right for your store.  All it takes is your conscious decision and a phone call.  Contact me at


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Follow the Leader Interview with Joe Castle

  Joe Castle, Founder & CEO of SOCIALDEALER was interviewed by Automotive Digest as part of their Follow the Leader Series

Joe Castle discussed SOCIALDEALER’s mission of leveraging Social Media to develop tools and provide innovative solutions to the automotive industry that promote the value of marketing brands and products.      Read the Interview

How your car dealership can make money using social media – SIMPLIFIED

Everytime I present social media to a car dealer (well most of the time), I am asked..”how will this make me money?”  Now, I understand that a car salesperson is good at selling cars.  It’s not their job to understand marketing.  It’s been a struggle just trying to help them understand just how social media can turn into profit.  So here it is…spelled pictures.  Im always asked for a diagram.  So here’s my crazy diagram.

Hope it helps.