Every social media platform serves a certain purpose – never limit yourself to just one


It’s very simple.  Every single social media platform serves it’s own purpose.  You cannot be successful dabblling on Facebook.  You will not be successful if you do not use Linked in.  For local Businesses, Foursquare is a gold mine “free coupon-ing” that nobody uses because they do not know it exists.  They miss out on people like me, who live and die for Being the mayor and receiving badges, and specials for checking in.

Another important point STOP ADVERTISING on Facebook posts and thinking this is going to drive people into your store with the ad.  It’s not gonna happen.  Enough Said.

Google +, on the other hand, has given us some great advantages to increase our online searchability in “real time”

Wondering why should you use GooglePlus in your marketing mix? Just one solid reason, “if you ignore Google+, Google search will ignore you“, says Larry Page co-founder of Google.*

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It does not matter what industry you are in.. Social Media is not going away… Time to Evolve

 You may not completely be able to measure your social ROI.. but think of this…  Today’s Customer does Business on their terms, and their terms only.  If we don’t adapt to every new channel of communication, we are merely missing out on opportunities.

social media manager

Social media is now part of how organizations, companies and society operate. Organizations big and small, urban and rural, tech savvy and tech adverse, can no longer ignore or avoid the importance and impact of social media. As I continue to explore what technology can mean for business development, the role of social media is quickly becoming a central part of that exploration. As a result, I am increasingly immersed in social media, expanding beyond the longtime facebook presence and establishing more comprehensive profiles and a more active presence in the other main networks including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and most recently Pinterest.

People are always looking for examples of how social networks such as Linkedin or Facebook actually brought them business.  Well I can tell you one thing, over the past two years I have been managing social for numerous businesses and I can’t tell you how often someone asks a question randomly on a social site.  If I was not monitoring these sites, those questions would go unanswered, and wow… loss of business!  I know it works.  I see it everyday.

I wanted to share with you an email I just received from a client.  Please READ IT AND WEEP all of you anti-socialites…


On Jan 16, 2014, At 5:54 PM, POTENTIAL CLIENT > Wrote:

Hi Todd! My Name Is Jerry And I Have Very Bad Credit, I Made Some Mistakes In My Life & I’m Finding It Very Hard To Get A Car Or Even An Apt. How Can I Get In Touch With You? Thanks

Sent From My Iphone

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:09 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

What Is Your Phone Number And I Will Call You Friday

Todd Stern

 On Jan 16, 2014, At 7:43 PM, NAME OF POTENTIAL CLIENT <420@Yahoo.Com> Wrote:


On Jan 16, 2014, At 8:02 PM, Todd Stern <Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com> Wrote:

How Did You Find Out About Our Company

Todd Stern

Sent From My Iphone

Date: January 16, 2014 At 8:20:08 PM CST
To: Todd Stern <L Todd@Mynationwidecredit.Com>
Subject: Re: Help!!

I Liked The Page On Facebook, So I Would Get Updates And Things Like That. I Would Read What It Was Saying, So I Decided To See If This Is Something For Me.

Sent From My Iphone

So there you have it.. Social Media brings us business, maybe in not so obvious ways, but it’s crucial to your survival in the world of business today and moving forward.  So get with the program.


J.. Block


Facebook News Feed Changes & What They Mean for Businesses


Facebook has recently updated its News Feed ranking algorithm with the goal of showing users more relevant content in their News Feeds.  According to Facebook’s newsroom post, this change will mean you will see more content in your News Feed that others have read, liked, and commented on as well as “high quality” content published by authoritative websites. So, what are the specifics of all these changes, and what do they mean for your business?

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The Digital Age

While recently watching a YouTube Video from Eric Qualman, he clearly states “KINDERGARTNERS ARE LEARNING IPADS, NOT CHALKBOARDS”


This might sound ridiculous but it’s true.  The Digital Age is here.  If your business isn’t engaging, your business will not exist in 5 years.

I recently took this picture while dining at a restaurant the other day…



It’s true.  Over half the world’s population is under 30.  What does that mean for your business in the next few years?  This generation is different, they are tech savvy, they want to do business on their terms.  So the cold calling days are over.  It’s time for your business to be reborn.

Everyone says their best source of business is word of mouth.  Social Media is word of mouth ON STEROIDS!!

Let’s face it, nobody does business without

A.  Going to Google

B.  Asking for referrals

Social Media allows you to connect, digitally to people you know, whether or not they are currently in your life, they are still present in the business world.  So connect with people, because as a salesperson or a business owner, by not connecting, your referrals won’t find you.  Overall, you LOSE.

Follow the Leader Interview with Joe Castle

  Joe Castle, Founder & CEO of SOCIALDEALER was interviewed by Automotive Digest as part of their Follow the Leader Series

Joe Castle discussed SOCIALDEALER’s mission of leveraging Social Media to develop tools and provide innovative solutions to the automotive industry that promote the value of marketing brands and products.      Read the Interview

How your car dealership can make money using social media – SIMPLIFIED

Everytime I present social media to a car dealer (well most of the time), I am asked..”how will this make me money?”  Now, I understand that a car salesperson is good at selling cars.  It’s not their job to understand marketing.  It’s been a struggle just trying to help them understand just how social media can turn into profit.  So here it is…spelled pictures.  Im always asked for a diagram.  So here’s my crazy diagram.

Hope it helps.


When the Light Goes on…

Here is what I love about my job…

Educating Business owners about social media is truly AWESOME in all regards.  To be honest, it takes a certain skill, some sort of creativity, and definitely some patience to understand the concept of social media.  That is a fact. 

I’ve worked with all types of local businesses and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to explain to someone who can’t seem to get it, why they should be using social media to grow their business.  I simply can’t make people understand.  I also can’t make people use it. 

But the one thing that I do love is when ” THE LIGHT GOES ON” and many people do have the ability to allow this light to go on.  What I am talking about is when I explain, show a demo, and it all comes together….

The look on their face, when they realize that all of these networks have the ability to run simultaneously through each other, to connect to thousands of contacts and reach millions of people with the click of a button…..NOW THAT MAKES ME EXCITED.

Here’s a text message I received yesterday from a new client who owns a bike store.  He had been managing his own godaddy site, which was god aweful, and so inefficient that he had been purchasing facebook fans??

Doesnt seem to make sense to me.

Here’s the text:

Well done. Read my blog today, 110 hits shady,
linked in and twitter are blowing up too. Thank you so much.

And this guy was gonna buy a billboard for $500.  Now he has all the tools he needs for free!!  yep, all for free.

Gotta love it.